Solar Workshop at Our Own High School Al Warqa’a

On 26 November 2017, the UAE National Schools Environmental Protection (CEBC Schools) Programme held a Solar Workshop at Our Own High School Al Warqa’a.

The workshop was presented by Eng. Ridah Sabouni – Managing Director, MENA, Energetics – and Eng. Sara Oda – Project Engineer, Enerwhere. Both of our speakers kindly gave up their valuable time to share their knowledge and experience with our students – and we are very appreciative!

The workshop started off with student presentations. New Indian High School Ambassadors read a special solar poem to us, and then presented to us what they already knew about solar energy, including the many ways it is used in the United Arab Emirates. We then watched a presentation from the Ambassadors of Our Own High School Al Warqa’a, addressing both the technical capabilities of solar and detailing many of the major solar projects underway in the United Arab Emirates.

Eng. Ridah then provided students with a very useful introduction to solar power. He not only explained how solar power worked, and the importance of renewable energy from the sun, but also the massive impact that solar has had throughout the history of the earth. Noting the capacity of renewable energy resources versus non-renewable energy, he was able to vividly describe how we have harnessed solar power, starting with the development of the first solar panels in the mid-20th century. Ridah also discussed the ideal attributes for photovoltaic components, and the efficiency of current solar cells. Lastly, he talked about some of the start-ups in the solar industry that have, unfortunately, not been successful, noting that it takes both innovative talent and business acumen to make a successful enterprise!

Eng. Sara then followed, providing an overview of some of the projects that her company, Enerwhere, are working on in the United Arab Emirates. This helped students to see the practical actions that are being undertaken by everyday organisations looking to improve their energy efficiency and sustainability. She also discussed the various other types of renewable energy that exist, and what is available in the United Arab Emirates. Discussing sustainability, she described to students the importance of recycling and reusing whatever possible, and that – when our powers combine – we have the chance to make a real impact. Sara also informed learners how they could calculate the solar energy needed to power their home or school, and encouraged students to give the calculation a go!

We would like to once again thank our speakers, Eng. Ridah and Eng. Sara, for their fantastic presentations, and to Our Own High School Al Warqa’a for hosting the workshop. We couldn’t run our schools programme without the support of our fantasic sponsors, so a big thank you goes out to Energetics and Enerwhere for providing speakers. Thank you also to the students that took the time to prepare presentations for the workshop – you did a great job!

If you would like to download the presentations from the workshop, you can do so below:

An Introduction to Solar Engineer – Eng. Ridah Sabouni

Solar Energy Workshop – Eng. Sara Oda

More photos are available in our Photo Gallery.

If you have any additional photos from the day you would like to add to the gallery, please send these through to Belinda!

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