In 2015, the CEBC launched its energy efficiency and environmental awareness campaign in schools across the UAE with the aim of educating children, their families and the wider community about energy efficiency measures, and the role clean technologies can play in creating a sustainable energy future. The UAE National Schools Environmental Protection Programme is designed to inspire children to think about what sustainability really means to their live,s and encourages them to adopt long-term measures to protect the environment.

Our programme runs throughout the academic year in the UAE, beginning in October and closing in June. All UAE schools are welcome to join, and the programme is free of cost.

Throughout the academic year, we organise a variety of activities to help support UAE schools as they develop and educate the future clean energy leaders of tomorrow.

Student Ambassadors can join in educational, hands-on visits to local industry players and share their knowledge and experience with fellow students. Previous trips include visits to the Petroleum Institute, RAK Research & Innovation Centre and Tadweer.

2016/2017 PROGRAMME


David Provenzai, of Dubai Solar Schools met with participating schools to share his initiative to help schools save natural resources and reduce their carbon footprints by going solar.

This initiative comes at no cost for the schools through a 100% solar leasing formula and creates unique learning opportunities for the students as they can experience firsthand the benefits and technology of a solar system in their school.

To learn more about our workshop and the Dubai Solar Schools initiative, please visit the Dubai Solar Schools website.

Student Ambassadors visited the RAK Research & Innovation Centre and the American University in Ras Al Khaimah, where students toured the RAKRIC facilities including their High-Precision Solar Tracking System. Students gained firsthand experience in up and coming research and development concerning photovoltaic, solar cooling, the solar hybrid minigrid, green building, solar water desalination, solar islands and concentrated solar power.

We had a fantastic response to our Protect the Planet Film Competition. You can read more about the competition, and the 2016/2017 winners, by visiting this page.

2015/2016 PROGRAMME


Peter Hohmann, of FortyTwo Consultancy, visited a large number of schools to interact directly with over 5,000 students, addressing sustainability and focusing on sustainability goals set by both the UN and the UAE.


The Petroleum Institute - Student Ambassadors visited The Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi, where University Professors and Engineers conducted a series of educational seminars and workshops designed to highlight the importance of technological development and the use for renewable energy to build a brighter future. Students participated in an exclusive viewing of the institutes internationally renowned solar powered car, which represented the UAE in the Abu Dhabi solar challenge in 2013.

Tadweer Waste Treatment - In conjunction with an inter-school recyclable waste competition, student ambassadors visited the Tadweer Waste Treatment Plant in Dubai. Students learned about the variety of treatment methods for handling waste and visited waste treatment centres on the premises.


Clean the Air That We Breathe - Many schools participated in the Clean the Air That We Breath competition, inspiring students to plant trees and shrubs at their schools and to educate their communities about how plants affect air quality and pollution. Raffles World Academy was awarded the grand prize with a portable Solar Demo Kit provided by Oryx Solar.

Recyclable Waste Forest - Students were encouraged to construct a forest made out of recyclable waste, stimulating students to think about and research what waste can be recycled.