As part of the 2017/2018 CEBC Schools Programme, we are proud to support the Green Team Programme of Architaly Green Energy DMCC (the creator of the Dubai Solar Schools Programme).

The Green Team Programme is an initiative supporting educators and students to familiarise themselves with environmental and green topics, undertaking practical action to improve the environmental sustinability of their very own schools. Aiming to build green awareness and to motivate schools to become ‘green’, the Green Team Programme provides a toolbox for schools and universities willing to take proactive steps under the guidance of green experts.

The programme is driven by a powerful vision: to foster the creation of young persons green movement in the UAE, which will help our country address with passion and knowledge the challenges set by the UAE Government for our future.

What is the purpose of the Green Team Programme?

  • To create green educational opportunities for students, implementing ‘green measures’ within their school (or university) to help transform the school into a real green school;
  • To help the school to achieve financial savings reducing energy and water bills, reducing the school’s carbon footprint;
  • To keep record of the main green achievements of the school during the academic year, starting a tradition to build on these achievements each year.

How does the programme benefit students?

  • The programme encourages participation in STEM subjects, helping students develop the environmental skills needed to be a future green leader;
  • It promotes leadership and innovation skills in students, and these skills can be taken home to also improve family life; and
  • The programme will involve fun activities and ways to actively measure the success of the initative within the school.

The programme is completely free to join, and schools can get guidance from both the CEBC and ArchItaly/Dubai Solar Schools on how to implement the programme. We encourage all schools registered in the CEBC Schools Programme to get on board, and enhance your green curriculum with practical actions to improve sustainability!

For more information on the programme, please visit the following links, or email or Rowena at

Resources on the Green Team Programme: Part One, Part Two, Part Three and Flyer

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