Our Under the Sea Recyclable Waste Competition

Announcing the winners!

The Kindergarten Starters entry - our Grand Prize winners!

We are pleased to announce the Grand Prize winners of our Under the Sea Recyclable Waste Competition - The Kindergarten Starters! Because ALL of the entries were so amazing, and it was impossible to choose, our Platinum Competition Sponsor, Imdaad, picked the Grand Prize winners at random - and The Kindergarten Starters used an impressive 16 different types of recyclable materials in their entry! Our Grand Prize Winners have won a trip to the Green Planet for twenty students and two teachers - well done!

We have also awarded a Highly Commended prize to Al Diyafah High School, who used the competition to bring awareness to a specific eco-issue - the killing of sharks. Our Bronze Competition Sponsor, the Green Ecostore, have provided a range of eco-goodies which will be presented to Al Diyafah High School students.

Students from Al Diyafah High School bringing awareness to a very important ecological issue

We would like to congratulate all of our amazing schools for their colourful, creative and eco-friendly entries. Thank you so much for taking the time to enter. We hope you learnt lots about the ocean, and the important of recycling and using environmentally friendly materials! You can click on the images below to view the various entries received.

Thank you to Imdaad for its amazing sponsorship of our contest's Grand Prize, and to the Green Ecostore for its sponsorship of our Highly Commended prize. We wouldn't have been able to run the contest without you!

Finally, if you would like to view a Press Release on the competition, please visit this page.