The 2017/2018 Academic Year is the third year of the UAE National Schools Environmental Protection Programme (the Programme). The Programme was established in 2015 to provide young people the opportunity to explore renewable, clean energy and sustainability issues. This programme is provided free of charge by our sponsors.

Through this programme, we aim to:
  • Engage young people, promoting an interest in clean and renewable energies;
  • Provide opportunities for students to meet successful, inspiring speakers from the clean and renewable energies sectors;
  • Allow students to see first-hand the implementation of clean and renewable projects in the UAE;
  • Enable students to undertake leadership opportunities; and
  • Encourage students to consider a career in the clean energy sector.


To participate in the programme, schools must register their interest. Once registered, schools are then able to nominate two student Ambassadors (aged 13 years and older) for our Ambassador Programme. These Ambassadors will become representatives of their school in the programme, and are expected to share their knowledge and findings with other students at the school. In the case of a very large high school, we will sometimes allow an additional one or two Ambassadors to be nominated.

Ambassadors will have the opportunity to participate in a range of activities, including:
  • Having their articles/thoughts published on thecebcschools.com website;
  • Participating in field trips to real organisations operating in the clean energy sector;
  • Potentially being featured in Loop Arabia, a student centered media publication by The Khaleej Times;
  • Attending roadshows of educational presentations and workshops by CEBC members focused on topics such as sustainability, waste reduction, solar energy and more; and
  • Having their profile featured on the cebcschools.com website.

  • As well as this, all students in the programme, whether they are Ambassadors or not, can participate in our interschool competitions; and share photos and information on their school’s sustainability efforts on the cebcschools.com website.